Updated March 12, 2020

Marijuana legalization in Vermont

Is marijuana legal in Vermont?

Marijuana is legal in Vermont, but the state lacks a regulatory system to allow it to be cultivated and sold.

Marijuana cannot yet be sold in Vermont, but it is legal to possess one ounce of marijuana plus any amount of marijuana harvested from one’s personal garden.

Marijuana legalization in Vermont happened as a result of Act 86 (H. 511), signed into law in January 2018.

When will sales of marijuana be allowed in Vermont?

In February 2020, Vermont Bill S. 54 was passed by the House and the Senate, and once reconciled into a final draft could be signed by the governor in March, 2020. This would create a legal framework to sell recreational marijuana in Vermont.

If Bill S. 54 is passed, licensing would begin in 2022.