Launch Marijuana Consulting

World-class cannabis consulting agency based in Los Angeles, California

Launch Consulting

Strategic Research

We use world-class tools and resources to help you understand your opportunities in the industry.


Get a competitive advantage by tailoring your business to the specific local market you are targeting. We can help you consider demographics, politics, and popular culture that will help you tailor your approach for success.

Branding and Marketing

We can help you choose a name and marketing terminology that makes the most sense to your customer. We can help you choose a name, a motto, and website along with writing text to promote your message and brand.

Legal Compliance

Understand the complex changing laws and regulations that you need to know to take part in the thriving cannabis market in the United States. Each state has its own complex regulatory process, and new states are introducing new regulations all the time. We work with international businesses that are looking to invest in the growing cannabis market in North America.

Launch Marijuana was founded by Dan Wilson. Dan has over ten years in consulting for Los Angeles businesses. In this age of marijuana legalization, Dan is available to help companies and governments to make recreational marijuana available to Californians.

Note: English and Japanese languages available.