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COVID-19 Impacts Medical Marijuana Availability

With the coronavirus crisis, marijuana activists are working to make sure that medical marijuana patients have access to marijuana products.

Outlets have been reporting that consumers in recreational and medical marijuana markets around the country have been stocking up in a panic out of fears that dispensaries will be shut down for weeks.

Now activists around the country are urging officials to allow marijuana outlets to stay operational.

The group Americans for Safe Access submitted an open letter to governors and directors of state medical cannabis programs asking them to keep dispensaries open during the crisis.

San Fransisco reversed its orders to close all dispensaries as nonessential businesses when it received backlash. San Fransisco is now allowing marijuana dispensaries to maintain curbside pickup.

Other states are considering moves to declare medical marijuana dispensaries to be essential businesses, so that they may remain operational.

Americans for Safe Access recommends that citizens write their representatives to ask for priority actions to keep marijuana dispensaries open.

This is an ongoing situation, and things are changing rapidly. Check your local news sources for updates.

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