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High Times Readies for Public Trading

One of the most important institutions in the world of cannabis growing continues to expand in this new era of legalization. High Times, the company behind the crucial magazine that has begun entering the retail market announced today that it has been cleared to be a publicly traded company.

Hightimes Holding Corp. has been raising funds to expand the historic cannabis brand.

High Times not only runs, but also numerous local events and “cannabis cup” competitions to recognize the best regional growers and cultivars throughout the U.S. High Times plans to expand these events throughout the U.S. and internationally.

High Times storefronts are planned for Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

In 2018 High Times acquired Dope magazine, Culture magazine, and, three online outlets reporting on cannabis culture and lifestyle.

This expansion of High Times represents the huge changes that the cannabis industry has faced in recent years. High Times is a respected legacy brand that helped paved the way to this point.

To learn more, visit the High Times Investing website.

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